Oldsters 50 year HS Reunion tricks w/o fellow students.

Yes, there were others my age who refused to do PT unless that meant physical therapy... like normal.


So give this a try if you wish to get it right for the party on your reunion night.

None of may classmates seem motivated or excited to try. Don’t know why. As I said by and perhaps by the fall when wii meet again, but no takers.

As I said goodbye and wished the guys well as their wives wonder why they can’t do that too now that they saw what their classmate could do. What do You think? Weren’t the guys thankful for the added motivation to get back into that youthful fit condition by fall too? Oh yea… Happy days, or Daze?

Well, fair warning, I was out of shape after years of neglecting to stretch and work out but they got mii motivated for a few weeks and I am going to proceed with getting back in shape again through 2023. Join me?

Brad w. Kittel

Salvage, Texas