"Fall forward Push-ups to stand again" at 66 yrs young.

How far can you reach when you fall with an intention to push-up from the floor to stand up again without touching the floor? Restore your strength, balance, & confidence as you age!

Somehow, as we age, our bodies alter their shape in many different ways. We do have some control of the outcome from decades of eating, exercise, or even just one decade. (Link to Standing Fall Push-ups) One year apart and kids all about to see where we start and where we might end up.

How do we learn to take care of the vessel so that the odds do not favor you die when hit by any flu or cold, an allergy or worse, the heart disease, and many other tags I have had placed on me in my life. With a broken back, Marfan’s Syndrome, COPD, CAD, scoliosis for 50 years, hypoglycemia staved off to keep from getting diabetes long ago for lack of a good diet, once I started learning how to change my body. At 55 I could not do the splits, kiss my knees with my legs straight, or many other things that I do now at 66. The gentleman looking on is 1 year older and likely would not do as well as I did with Covid, but then his immune system may not be as strong, he may not ground each day barefoot instead of wearing rubbers that separate his inner filament from the ground.

NO Electrical motor, computer, flashlight, or phone operates without a good ground on the battery or outlet. Why do people think that they, as the most complex bio-computer on the planet, would not need a great ground to be inflammation-free… pain-free… by letting the Earth absorb and recharge your good energy? Because they, like me until 55, did not believe in what we can not see… yet we use electricity without questioning it.

Once we developed the instruments to measure and understand ions, the negative ions from the grounding that help heal, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation, and with water and clay, ease pain. How is it we lost our connection with such things as the greenery, the sounds of water over rocks, the feel of wet grass under our bare feet? It is a wonder of healing and perspective that many more need to consider as the sickly society looks to be jabbed into healthy lifestyles by a means other than diet, exercise, intentional living, reducing stressors, and taking care of the vessel that you will live long and healthy, happy, or in pain based on how you take care of this body.

Movement, Balance, strength, cognitive awareness need not decline for many decades longer than many are taught to believe… including me when I was younger. How about practicing for falling by doing a Standing Fall Fingertip Pushup and standing without touching a few times? At 66 years old I would say that this was impossible when I was 18, for I had never seen a fit old person in my life. Now I look back at 30 as if I was a kid still, and try to be that in body type, condition, and enthusiasm. Still… my imagination is itnentionally of a child in a wondrous world of new information that still stimulates and amazes me daily.

Now, as I visit doctors to have more analysis done on me than ever before, I find out so many things I may not have wanted to know anyway when I was young. I would have thought of myself as even more crippled and sickly than I was, tried harder to end life as a teen gone suicidal over the bullying, sugar addiction, and depression from a family broken since my birth. Luckily, no one told me I would not likely live this long so I did without thinking about why I should not. I think it is a good thing.

Let your doctor know you stay busy while in the waiting room doing a few stretchy things. Stay busy, walk miles a day barefoot or in leather so to ground, and breathe deep, breath Prana and you will find that youth need not elude us as the decades do fly by. Join me in my celebration by example for the kids that will come nigh and teach them that if they take care, they can live till a hundred or more… its no lie. Not just in the bibles but around our great world you can see it to believe it and know this is real. Don’t let the media convince you to fail at being the best Being you can in a vessel that you have control of, both inside and out… so protect that great freedom, God’s Miracle of Life.

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter for

Brad Kittel


Salvage, Tx BnB