When life-savings accounts vaporize & access to them gets locked down... Time for Tiny yet?

Getting cash out of the bank has been severely limited, inflation stripping the value like never before, food and essentials costs are rising faster than incomes or interest?

As the turmoil of the international governments dealing with the Covid Crisis, regardless of the cause, cost trillions to taxpayers, to be paid in the future through taxes, how will you be thriving? The massive addition of cash into the economy is driving up the cost of all things necessary and the continuing collapse of transportation systems, processing, and simultaneously dealing with new weather extremes around the world that can barely be tracked, let alone brought back online as productive instead of blighted from financial destruction.

What next? A new paradigm, one with local resources, talent, wisdom, and skills emerges. Are you ready to help fix this now?

If one downsized and frees from debts or obligations that might leave them on the streets if unmet due to unanticipated conditions in the days ahead… how can you go wrong? Can you then afford to have a family in the new economy? What happens when a board of wood costs $30, a crazy thought 2 years ago, but now you know right?

What can be more valuable than a tiny roof and safe shelter for you and those you love than the food to feed them and create a healthy life? The children being born and raised now are the treasure of our country, should be seen as the true savings account as more males and females become infertile, sterile, at a level never seen before in America.

Our failure to produce a generation from within means the people arriving now will make up the majority in one mere generation. How could you sterilize the natives and yet allow the immigrants the ability to create or accept 10 offspring from each arriving family? The question is now facing us in a reality, not a model or experiment, it is reality unfolding as the value of the dollar drops and the challenge becomes how to pay for this massive transition in our society.

This is not the first time countries were changed by the arrival of large populations from other parts of the world, other demographic groups with extremely different norms and moral systems, religions, and family structures. Historically, these times are called revolutionary. Society is about to test the limits of such transformations after assimilating so many so fast during the migration of millions around the world. How do we teach those who want to work, to support the families they love when their skillsets no longer get them to work for food, let alone take care of their sick? How do we mix together with a society that did not get vaccines all their lives, measles, Turburculosis being far worse than the present flu that attacks many, for the mask used now is of no real value against a disease we are presently importing without any checks and balances! Worse is the coming scenario, Covid slammed hospitals, let alone the hospital Highly contagious facilities to handle TB when it breaks out and is recognized, given few understand it is a respiratory illness that is extremely transmissible and kills people more than flu. No worries, the government must have figured this all our first Rodeo Ride, hurray right now, the Dream Team, that the D-team is running America right?

Please seek to communicate, help others understand what has made America great, it is the opportunity to excel and be rewarded for your efforts. Please do not lose sight of how wii can work together to create a better place if that is our goal, our intention in the years ahead. It will not happen overnight, but if wii all work together instead of fight, perhaps wii will all thrive together stronger than before this unfathomable period of change. We can teach women how to create shelter from the storm by salvaging the past, our ancestor’s gifts to us if wii just see them as such and honor them by doing the work to give them another 100 years of life as newly formed tiny houses and cottages.

What will the next steps be in the coming hard early winter that is projected to be one of the worst in a century… followed by worse the next year? Flooding in the world is breaking records that have not been imaginable to those who have lived there for hundreds of years. Truly if the cause is not man but the sun, which many scientists actually do believe with ample proof for those who wish to research it, how much can mankind do to stop the solar flares or more, the blasts from far away places that we are just realizing are coming at us.

We can raise tiny houses together in days, not months, creating a village for a family of those who wants to grow stronger, grow food, a new life by their work, their intentions well-grounded, not strife. United this is easy, alone it is hard. Share time and knowledge, skill, and strength to make life better for all. Your wisdom, skills, and teaching are sorely needed by generations finally ready to learn life skills if you can share. Be the elder who cares and shares, the rewards will last for lifetimes after we, the last of the handwork life-skilled elders, are gone.

What man can stop a volcano, reduce the ash or CO2 from a blast that nothing can survive, let alone create, control? The earthquakes that are ringing and the land that moves about can not be strapped or bolted, welded to stop that. What does the UN think to do with all the damage from the spewing rock and ash, the burning forests, flooding all about, mankind can no more stop it than to start it I must shout. The “Songs of Salvage” I sing out until my dying day, on Youtube you can hear them, share them, let my son’s voice be heard too.

Our El Campo Expedition took down a farmhouse with 3 women over 49 and 5 kids in 7 days… to music, hammers for percussion with walls falling, for your pleasure and education. Amazing to see a 150 years of life come down in 7 minutes to music.

Our sun and planets are interacting in ways we are barely able to understand but as all of them are affected like Earth by forces outside our solar system, far greater than how our sun affects us with solar flares, as well as the meteor showers due to waves of debris passing by us. There are other solar systems bigger than ours which influence our sun on the scale that our sun influences all of our planets. From cosmologists and so much new data thanks to satellites and technology, it is no longer hard to believe Earthlings are not only not alone, we may be engineered, monitored, and perhaps even controlled by Beings not born on Earth.

A blessing for all the data, a curse for all the complexity involved interpreting, calculating, and detailing what the actual evidence is that we are looking at which is generally a processed through computers to display animations which very few humans ever see with a human eye, even at the viewer on a giant telescope.

The dream continues to expand as we expand our view of it, of a reality that seems to be ever-changing as we have the instrumentation to see x-ray, light spectrums outside the reach of the human eye, and when detected, many of the theories created contradict each other. What indeed is the truth about our universe beyond the Earth. For most of us, it is a matter of imagination beyond the reach of most mortal men or women with a nearly untouchable and intangible proof, much like God, requiring a level of belief to fill in where the evidence in hand, physical to be analyzed by all, tangible proof is hard to find.

So, let us savor the days, open the sky to fly freely, and watch the imagination take over, then collisions, corrections, and eventually coordinated efforts for our species to evolve together, free, and mutually agreeing to what it will take for all of us to thrive, to fly, to live healthy lives together knowing we share the same planet. If any group thinks they should control all of it, the leaders need to be replaced.

United Wii Stand, Divided by Greedy Power Hungry Leaders leads to war, rich and powerful oligarchs, and a reset that must ultimately not be to consolidate power into the hands of the few, but into the hands of the masses who apply our own constraints so as to all thrive, share, and grow a new world together. Can a person do this by themselves, not need anyone to thrive so well that they would never want for others? I do not thinks so.

Some will excel and be rewarded more than others without the Corporate Personas with no brain to lobotomize when they commit sociopathic behavior over and again, boards without conscience, no way to punish them… one of the grossest violations of freedom in the world was to give them life and the equality of human in politics and governments in our world. The bias to own lifelong politicians and thus keeping the status quo intact for bankers and the super-elite will cycle to its end soon, the very future feared the most by those controlling parties.

Revolution in times like these, weather cycles of the past prove that the masses will be at the castle walls when hungry, the failure of the leaders the focus, delivering the consequences of the failure as the peasants starve and die. Will they eat cake? Take the medicine with a sweet frosting on it? How does one thin the crowds after the great 1895 fall of the rich, the income tax, the first attempt at a federal bank to mint money? Why not war, a Spanish Flu, a medicine man created by the Rockefellers and rich to teach the poor peasants how to abandon past herbal cures, folklore and natural living that had been full of Snake Oils that were horrible in nature and consequence.

Once upon the mascot for Tiny Texas stood on Highway 10 alone… 15 years ago.

Life seems to run in cycles and this looks much like some in the past. Study more, be autodidactic, and learn a bit of the history that is so critical in the halting of the repeating of it over and again. This can be stopped and reversed through education but that is getting harder with schools being limited more each year in their ability to expose the kids in school to such things… thus I suspect… our planet will repeat the cycle instead of correct it this time around.

Strap on the boots, get ready for the winter, and savor your family every day. Life is great as we demonstrate what preparation can be through our education, activation of the best version of who wii are. Blessings to your day.

Darby Lettick