The taxes they are proposing would break our state which will absorb the lion's share of paying for other states that are not producing but losing money every year with social programs they can not pay for themselves. At some point, you have to stop draining Texas of the income of citizens who do not support the national rush to bankruptcy. Why should we stay and pay, give up freedoms, and not have any say in defending our borders? The USA is no longer concerned with Texas and our having to take in millions of poor, sick, and helpless traumatized people, enormous drugs coming into the state, and no defense from the president, not even a visit. Why stay in the system that is exploiting us and not protecting us?

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I have been a follower for a very long time. In the past I have admired your creativity and on occasion your eloquence. But these rants you have been posting are just not cool. I am particularly disturbed by your down playing a world wide pandemic. I have to assume that you don't personally know anyone who has died. I have had more than a dozen business acquaintances die. A close friend lost most of her family - she will never be the same. A friend who was not taking this pandemic seriously, carried it to her mother and adult son. Her mother died an agonizing death.

Perhaps the large number of people who have died doesn't matter to you, but the vast majority of us do care.

As for your political slant... Libertarian? It's hard to admire a group that thinks weeding out the weak and every man for himself is okay. But what really creeps me out, is every once in awhile you are spewing QAnon crap. QAnon = fantasy land for the uneducated, conspiracy theory racists of our country.

I use to look forward to reading about what you were doing to manage your land, and the beautiful pictures of your buildings. I have always thought of you as an artist. I admired your dreams. I have hesitated unsubscribing, because I have followed and read your blog for so many years.

I realize that my thoughts don't matter to you, but having been a subscriber for so many years, I felt I should say something. Most likely you will block me. So be it.



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