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ChatGPT doesn’t seem to get sarcasm or humor (yet) but I still find it very useful for constructing an outline of talking points and relevant ‘facts’ when creating technical content.

I also find ChatGPT invaluable for quickly creating code samples that actually work.

I suspect that it won’t be much longer before my job will no longer exist, ChatGPT will be able to churn out the same sort of documentation that I write at a tiny fraction of the cost, in multiple languages, in minutes or seconds rather than hours.

I’m thinking of learning a trade such as electrician or plumber since it will hopefully be a while before these sorts of professions can be easily replaced by robots.

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Yes, reminds me of a kid's term paper, especially the conclusion, where it practically states, verbatim, what was said in the body.

Pass on chat.

I prefer real articles.

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