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The Schumann is going crazy, the cities filled with EMF that is frying people like Trinity was before coming to live here. Her Fibromyalgia is gone, her MS brain lesions stope, pain and meds stopped and she is getting younger day after day again. Healing takes work, intention, and getting out of the bad environment that is causing it for you, but imagine on a baby what it is doing putting her next to the wall at night where the EMF extends 16" from the wall effect their heads, pineal gland thinking it is light, producing seratonin instead of the proper melatonin as there is no sun. If not producing melatonin then short attention spans from lack of REM sleep, reducing inflammation from growing pains or exposure to things that are being fought off best when grounded daily. So much to know to empower a child to be genius, including making them adapt and learn as much as possible in the first 7 years of clean, not smog filled living. Please consider faster than slower if you are truly honest and pure of heart after lessons learned and want to do right by the treasure you are stewarding to adulthood.

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