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Good for you Brad and your staff. I think of it as being discriminatory to the people who know their rights and stand up for them.

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We are unvaxxed... Isn't it interesting how the vaccinated sheeple loose their minds when they themselves are rejected for employment??? Sucks doesn't it? After being smugly told how I had to suck it up and endure the consequences of my decisions to remain unvaxxed, I find this both refreshing and a bit HILARIOUS 😂

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I admire your stance on this. I am unvaxxed. My family is as well. It is refreshing to meet others who do not bow down to the golden pharma calf. Happy Immunity, my friend. Cheers!

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It has been a couple years and change since I wrote that article and never hired, in fact mothballed all operations as the madness began and simply practiced social distancing to the extremes. Now, Spring of 2023 we are getting the evidence that shedding of natural immunity to others is possible, just like sharing the virus, and if one breathes out the natural immunity developed as a child would into the face of their grandparents, they will be more likely, as if being vaccinated naturally, of surviving more easily than if not exposed to the exosomes. On the other hand, if the exosomes are from a spike protein, mRNA infected person the potential for death or much worse reactions to Covid will occur, as well as other respiratory illness that may be encountered in the future. Scarier still is the impact the spike proteins are showing to have on the brain, cancer, and other immune system reaction that are causing blood clotting and heart attacks too. If an employer allows know vaccinated people to be hired to worked in close proximity where they can shed the vax exosomes on others they can be held liable for a failure to prevent the transmission, or contrarily by forcing people to submit to the dangers by virtue of working at your business. Does your insurance cover this when it raises its ugly head in the future, now that the evidence is hitting the news and public? Legal issues are surely going to favor the injured over the small business that has people die over these decisions to follow mandates they did not have to follow by law or moral ethics that also call the constitution into play. Until proven by the Supreme Court to be a valid dictate, it is simply an order that is not constitutional to use an untested product that no one appears liable for misrepresenting due to a lack of testing from the beginning. Once enough people die due to complications and the evidence for future death tolls that dwarf cigarettes, asbestos, or any other poison caste into the world, this will be the biggest crime against humanity ever committed. Will anyone be punished? It is doubtful because it goes to the top, involves so much money, the DOD, CIA, and other shadow forms of governance, including the State Department that have an affinity for the 4th Reich it would seem rather than true democracy. The black boxes for elections will once more deem who will be the master puppet soon... but who believes that is the end or the beginning of a new act in the play on the stage? The curtains remain, the puppeteers unseen, and the lights are dimmed as the audience sits down to be entranced once more. What will the final act bring?

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Dr. Mercola is documenting with his great fact based analysis that many have been duped by politicians who got lots of stock and profits from forcing masks by mandate and now we find it kills our kids... over time... a lifetime times a few million for $ it appears, not for sake of keeping the public healthy for this was known before dictates happened by Dems and Bidon clan.

Group 2B Carcinogen Detected in Masks

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies titanium dioxide as a Group 2B carcinogen, which means it’s “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by inhalation.3 Prior to the pandemic, this occurred primarily in occupational settings during the production of titanium dioxide powders or in the manufacture of products containing the substance.

There’s also been some concern about spray-on (aerosolized) sunscreens, hair color sprays and cosmetic powders containing microscopic particles of titanium dioxide that could be inhaled.

Specifically, the state of California includes titanium dioxide in the form of airborne particles measuring 10 micrometers or less on its Proposition 65 list, stating, “Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) is on the Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer. Exposure to titanium dioxide may increase the risk of cancer.”4

Despite the fact that titanium dioxide’s carcinogenicity when inhaled is well-known, the compound is commonly used in face mask textiles to improve stability to ultraviolet light and for use as a white colorant and matting agent.

Nanoparticle technology is also being used in face masks, and nanofibers containing titanium dioxide have been used to make antimicrobial filters, often in combination with silver and graphene, while titanium dioxide nanoparticle coatings may also be applied to cotton fabric to enhance antibacterial properties.5

Not only have adverse effects been reported in animal studies involving inhalation of titanium dioxide particles,6 but a team of researchers warned of “possible future consequences caused by a poorly regulated use of nanotechnology in textiles,” expanding on potential human health and environmental effects:7

“Although originally classified as biologically inert, there is a growing body of evidence on the toxicity of TiO2 [titanium dioxide] to humans and non-target organisms … Artificial sweat was also used to test the concentration of the silver and TiO2 released from fabrics. The release rate was found to depend on the concentration of nanomaterials in the fabric and the pH of sweat.”

A meta-analysis published in the journal Small, which focuses on science at the nano- and microscale, also called for a rethinking of nano-TiO2 safety, citing numerous toxic effects in humans and aquatic animals:8

“Genotoxicity, damage to membranes, inflammation and oxidative stress emerge as the main mechanisms of nano-TiO2 toxicity. Furthermore, nano-TiO2 can bind with free radicals and signal molecules, and interfere with the biochemical reactions on plasmalemma [cell membrane].

At the higher organizational level, nano-TiO2 toxicity is manifested as the negative effects on fitness-related organismal traits including feeding, reproduction and immunity in aquatic organisms.”

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TitaniumDioxide for a sniff or 2 could kill you in time, so why is it in all the masks makes not sense, not at this time when cancer is at alarming levels with no reason or a Rhyme? TiO2 in Masks Exceeds ‘Acceptable’ Exposure Level

In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers tested the amount of titanium — used as a proxy for TiO2 particles — in 12 face masks meant to be worn by the public, including single-use disposable varieties as well as reusable masks. The masks were made of various materials, including synthetic fibers like polyester and natural fibers, such as cotton.9

Every mask contained titanium dioxide particles in at least one layer, although they weren’t found in cotton fibers or meltblown nonwoven fabrics. Generally, the amount of titanium dioxide particles in nonwoven fabrics was lower — by a factor of 10 — than in polyester and polyamide fibers. Further, all of the masks except one contained TiO2 nanoparticles, which present an elevated inhalation hazard.

Nanosized particles are typically described as being less than 100 nanometers (nm). The median size of the titanium dioxide particles in the masks ranged from 89 to 184 nm.10 Based on a model in which face masks are “worn intensively,” the study found that exposure to titanium dioxide “systematically exceeded the acceptable exposure level to TiO2 by inhalation (3.6 µg).”

On Twitter, Federico Andres Lois shared, “The best (lowest contamination) has more than 5 times the acceptable limit. Ohh and by the way, you are forcing your kid to breathing through it.”11 This, the researchers concluded, calls for in-depth research to avoid adverse effects:12

“[T]hese results urge for in depth research of (nano)technology applications in textiles to avoid possible future consequences caused by a poorly regulated use and to implement regulatory standards phasing out or limiting the amount of TiO2 particles, following the safe-by-design principle.”

Thank Dr. Mercola and visit his site to learn more on the analysis being done around the world on this.

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Vindication step by step, the masks which I advocated against as a measure to stop the flu of the day... now turn out to be carcinogenic to say the least... see Dr. Mercola analysis as it comes out... How Masks Make You Sick

The potential consequences of breathing in carcinogenic particles from face masks worn during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be known for years, but red flags have been raised from the beginning that face mask usage has consequences, with no meaningful benefit.

Dr. Zacharias Fögen conducted a study to find out whether mandatory mask use influenced the COVID-19 case fatality rate in Kansas from August 1 to October 15, 2020.13 He chose the state of Kansas because, while it issued a mask mandate, counties were allowed to either opt in or out of it.

His analysis revealed that counties with a mask mandate had significantly higher case fatality rates than counties without a mask mandate. “These findings suggest that mask use might pose a yet unknown threat to the user instead of protecting them, making mask mandates a debatable epidemiologic intervention,” he concluded.

That threat, he explained, may be something called the “Foegen effect” — the idea that deep reinhalation of droplets and virions caught on facemasks might make COVID-19 infection more likely or more severe.

Fögen explained that wearing masks could end up increasing your overall viral load, because instead of exhaling virions from your respiratory tract and ridding your body of them, those virions are caught in the mask and returned. This might also have the effect of increasing the number of virions that pass through the mask, such that it becomes more than the number that would have been shed without a mask. According to Fögen:14

“The fundamentals of this effect are easily demonstrated when wearing a facemask and glasses at the same time by pulling the upper edge of the mask over the lower edge of the glasses. Droplets appear on the mask when breathing out and disappear when breathing in.

In the ‘Foegen effect,’ the virions spread (because of their smaller size) deeper into the respiratory tract. They bypass the bronchi and are inhaled deep into the alveoli, where they can cause pneumonia instead of bronchitis, which would be typical of a virus infection.

Furthermore, these virions bypass the multilayer squamous epithelial wall that they cannot pass into in vitro and most likely cannot pass into in vivo. Therefore, the only probable way for the virions to enter the blood vessels is through the alveoli.”

A 2021 report focused on health, safety and well-being of face mask usage15 further noted potential permanent physical damage to the lungs caused by fibrosis from inhalation of fibrous nanoparticles.

“There are real and significant dangers of respiratory infection, oral health deterioration and of lung injury, such as pneumothorax, owing to moisture build-up and also exposure to potentially harmful levels of an asphyxiant gas (carbon dioxide [CO2]) which can cause serious injury to health,” the authors explained.16

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If you have any education you’ve had to provide proof of vaccination’ literally, starting in kindergarten/elementary school. There is no big government conspiracy nor is anyone infringing on your freedom. Unless you just didn’t realize your freedoms were being infringed on because you were so busy living your life free of small pox, measles and god knows what else they inoculated us against when we were children.

We’re all just trying to survive this exhausting time. I’m not sure what you’re hoping to achieve by propagating such horrific disinformation. You obviously have no since of civic duty or any compassion for the health care workers that are just beaten down exhausted and burned out from constantly taking care of Covid patients while trying not to get Covid themselves. An odd position since you’re a company that makes money by helping people obtain housing by using reclaimed and recycled materials! You officially have become the problem and are no longer part of the solution. I have unsubscribed from your notifications. I honestly never respond to emails like this, but I am so incensed that you, a company that markets itself as being green, would have the audacity to send out such a politically charged yet unsolicited email. And while I have been saving to build:purchase a tiny house I can assure you it will not be with your company!!!

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I COMPLETELY disagree and so sad to see you post this. The road out of this pandemic is through safe and APPROVED vaccines. I support all who take the responsibility to get vaccinated and keep everyone else safe. Millions of people have been vaccinated and the vaccines are safe. Stop reading right wing disinformation and inform yourself with peer reviewed medical journals.

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I will never take it and my children will not either

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Let’s remember that members of the military have always been fired if they refuse vaccines.

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