Sitemap - 2021 - Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Once Upon a time there was a cottage in the woods, a peaceful place you never want to leave.

My Leap across the Chasm comes in 2022. Subscriptions may be good for you.

What story are you writing with the life that you lead? Should anyone follow your lead?

Last Week of 2021 begin$ the $torms of 2022 En$ue! These are not just weather, ice, & tornados!

Holiday Void: a Pause to plan your life for 2022

If you had to pay with cash? $pell Inflation without Credit & Card$! Ready for 2022 Now?

Lumber prices skyrocket as predicted... brokers buy up supplies in advance of store demand.

What Does it take to Thrive thru Localization instead of Globalization? Building Local solutions!

Prepare for Record Death from Freezing, storms that kill without mercy: attack coming this week!

The Tiny Intentional Village begins with One House, a Vision, then people to manifest their dreams.

When you reach the "Chasm at the Fringe" with Faith & Love, a leap from the past to freedom.

Travel into the past, change your perspicuity...Return to the present &

Before you bail from the city... what ethos leads your intended communities that are being created.

Do you think the last storms were bad? Prepared just in case they get worse? Wake up!

The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance blooms, seeds called Tiny Texas Houses planted in 2006.

2nd Edition: Truly Minimal Energy Built Art Houses for a LifeTime of simpler living.

What is a Pure Salvage Living Outpost? Why the concept is needed now!

$alvage $uddenly mean$ more! Tornado torn citie$ will realize, $ee cost$ $kyrocket: Prepare!

Tiny Gifts you can live in for a better life.

Has anyone proposed to you lately? I am!

Starting now... turn hearts on, engage minds, activate spiritual power, manifest your dreams.

Solar Eclipses that mark major changes... Are you Prepared for the Show?

Human Rights Trump Mandates! Still, lawless threats that change society reign strong.

Sniffing out the Treasures, getting the Salvage Rights... Reaping the Booty... such a beautiful sight.

Salvage Hunters... aged & young, see treasures where the rest see Cow & Horse Dung or Trash.

What things turn sheople into slaves? This quest haunts people to their graves!

Are you ready to "Leap the Chasm at the Fringe?"

Finally, a package of vintage materials you pick, custom-designed to put together in your paradise!

"Vicky Won" the 1st to Be, "Vicky Too" came next you see... Now a package just for Thee...

Why stop building Organic Art Houses with so much demand? US Public likes copies instead...

Once upon a time a Dream manifested w/ Tiny Texas Houses sitting in the trees... Mascots.

LGBrandon Tax Loopholology Plan: Freedom Villages w/ Tiny House Tax Write-offs & AirSpace!

AirSpace Certificates 2x, opening magical doors to a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Real Estate Jewelry can fund your dream village in the woods w/ food jungle amidst tiny organic cottages?

How Gifting parts to create tiny home villages reduces your taxes by doing good things.

Can you create a Tiny Embassy on land or in cyberspace, a fortress for Truth?

In 2014 I set off to create Salvage, Tx as a model of 95% Pure Salvage Built houses could become.

Air Certificates predated Bitcoin testing investing in what no one can see. $5=$1,000 in dividends w/o sale in 7 years.

Who would believe Air Certificates pay off 200 times in value? With digital coinage now... no big deal...

Success with Salvage: A Short Book on the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Where does treasure hide? How do you get it for free? What do you make of it all? Tiny organic homes.

Save Energy by reusing window glass, sustainability hypocrisy is clear.

Alienation breaks families, even nations leading to war... solutions are canceled, censored, or ignored!

What is the difference: Escape to Meta-reality or Live Life?

Darby knocking at Death's Door was told "Go back, there is still more".

When you see a door at the end of Life's hallway... are there still doors of opportunity left?

10 Organic Tiny House Material packages created out of Pure Salvage to build dreams for you in 2022.

I Sing the Song of Salvage and the audience is finally catching on to the tune.

Sometimes a LOCKDOWN can lead to a good thing Lock down prices on your dream tiny home materials that is.

Will you make an impression on the world before you die? Will you even try?

Reality or Dreamfest? If True... NASARA & GESARA begin... Unbelievable Global Financial Upheaval Ahead!

The Great Resignation over a Quality of Life perspective. 20,000,000 quit in 2020...

Suspending Fear, Activating Strength... Being Positively Phenomenal is best fueled with Love, not anger, hate, or fear.

Use Loopholology to visualize, manifest, or create all you envision using gaps in the systems.

Supercolds, organ failure, immune systems collapse, ERs fill up, but it's not due to Flu.

Inducing Stockholm Syndrome finally gets tested on a nationwide scale. Yes, it can be done.

Beware: "Normal" is never going to be what it once was! What changes are you making for 2022?

"Fall forward Push-ups to stand again" at 66 yrs young.

2021 National Conundrum, Vlacks abandon mandated cities or go broke? Texas gains pop!

Vlack-Listing people by Executive Order reads like a Ghost Writer's Bill of Rights!

Where do Resistors Go? Jobs, housing, city, state, or federal mandates force changes.

Salvaging "Spiritually Occupied Houses" is eerie at times.

Do Spirits attach to houses, hardware, furniture, or other things after death?

Premonitions 10 yrs ago... a radio show on Tiny Organic Salvage Built houses & villages...

Loopholology: Tax savings w/ Tiny Texas Houses: < 400 SF

How do your doors to opportunity appear?

What do you make of treasures left from Society after constructs are destroyed? Wedding Art!

Tuberculosis kills 6% of world: returns to US through open borders... unchecked.

Why would secession talks be censored by social media?

It is amazing what something inside you can do!

Why not look into alternatives to working for the Jabberwocky employers in the world?

If Texas is abandoned, why pay taxes, just succeed? By doing it as a Republic!

Creating the Safety Net for Freedom's Warriors: Anti-vax Employers step up to the plate to swing...

When life-savings accounts vaporize & access to them gets locked down... Time for Tiny yet?

Loopholology, a study: paying fewer taxes legally w/ Tiny Organic Carbon Saving Cottages/toxin & import-FREE!

Does the United Nations = a World Union of Beings that form the masses?

If I could be a Giant Tree, Long Leaf Pine it would Be!

Why are you here... now? Got Purpose in life?

Whistleblowing in a "Truth Music" Phobic World?

If you had a vision would you bring it to the Light?

Do you have Free Will? Who decides for you if not?

What pieces go together to create your dream?

You could make dreams come true w/ Wisdom as an Elder...

Best Unsubscribe Email... not just 3-4-5 letter words!

Trolls, haters, no imagination, just cut & paste: stolen art being used in all the wrong places.

Creating platforms in the mind for dialogue... communication without being assaulted or canceled.

Massive migration, integration, interpretation by who?

Texas Outlawed Censorship but... next "Is it Real Test" cause it's still going on!

Success depends upon Perspicuity!

What are you Creating to be Your Tomorrow?

Imagine, create, finish, celebrate... may your treasured creations last for centuries like these.

Did you buy Real Estate Jewelry for your House's Anniversary or Birthday?

Pushing the Proof of Youth thru Exemplification, not obfuscation, snake oils, or false advertising.

"Don't Shed On Me" Control Groups vs V-job. Will no-V-only Jobs be mandated away? Who pays?

2 yr$ later: We will not hire vaxed people! No Vaxed Need Apply: "Don't Shed on Me" Control groups Rebel! SHEDDING LIVES!

Did you know the biggest Heart in America is Pining away hiding & nearly forgotten?

Burled Long Leaf Pine is a rare and beautiful thing, particularly in such wide and long lengths as few people will ever see.

As the internet becomes more complicated, shadow-banning, censoring, ghosting, Trolls, or virus...

If you could... would you? Create your heavenly cottage on Earth?

I will supply the parts to build their house, as if my own child, to help the families broken by this war.

CO2 from you leads to Hypoxia for all in a tiny house!

How do we help the veterans who made it home?

What if the Green Tax applies to personal CO2 output by people... $$ in both breath or gas output

Can you talk with your eyes now that your face has been taken captive?

Greatest opportunities for business in a divided world

Honor thy Vessel to stay young w/ organic Cottages

Transform your time into lumber, doors, windows, & floors to build a tiny house out of instead of getting a job.

Toxic Boxes on Wheels vs Organic Cottages for healthy sustainable homestead living?

Celebrating Freedoms & the pursuit of dreams filled with imagination... to act upon solutions found and shared.

Who imagines the world going back? America is about to downsize... as I have foretold:

What Ignites your Light? Fuel for your passion for life? Is it creativity, love, or service to our World?

How do you define your success? Would others agree? Does it matter?

Once upon a time, a decade ago, one dream flourished that died... but you know

Create your paradise, your future, your path to happiness...

How many ways can you manifest an organic cottage out of salvage?

Changing the paradigm requires creating examples but also a public desire for it to succeed!

What stories are in doorknobs you might turn in the hunt for the "Door of Opportunity"

More millionaires made from Salvage than all other industries in America as well as other places.

In 1990 a Legacy Architectural Salvage Warehousing operation of Discovery & Preservation began...

Once Upon a time there was a cottage in the woods, a peaceful place to live in that you never want to leave.

Creating Organic Tiny Cottages toxin & Import-Free, beautifully,