Sitemap - 2022 - Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

If I could provide you an Opportunity to Thrive; to lift your life, family, or town up from hard times to grow in Unity...

Reflecting on the past years, planning on the next, I love the difference in my view as a youthful elder now.

Will You See once transparency opens the door to Truth? Who prefers cognitive dissonance? Sheople line up in flocks.

Asking Why? There is much to live for though times may make you question your purpose in Life.

How great will you Be in 2023? Aging to grow ever better. Living life so Wii stay Free!

Join my chat to learn more about how to manifest your dream cottage or village too.

How many kids does one needs to create a healthy village? It depends upon the elders who will guide them, exemplify what Good can Be!

What if...? The older you get, the more you ask, another chance to do it right, restore, repair? Get it right?

What do you see for 2023? Salvation thru Salvaging the best from our past at last?

Substackers share aged perspectives on creating Tiny Art Houses to change your life Earlier rather than late.

My Zebu Sisters may be moving, a chance to own House Art Masterpieces unlike any other...

When will Wii, the "I"s who seek the Truth uncensored, finally Win the Game?

Your first tiny home is your body: a vessel to honor, the "Tiniest hOMe of your Life".

Please look, see the danger, prepare accordingly. The storms I predicted are here!

After a decade of fair warnings, Winter Has Come! It will be a long one, waves of snow.

What wood would work when wholesome homes are wanted?

Ever have a Sinking Syndrome? Hunting to feed a "Sinky Feeling" with a passion?

Glass, wood, sinks, & hardware cost no energy to salvage and reuse, thus saves more than my house will use in a lifetime.

What would you create to celebrate escaping the city to simplify your life, get youthful? Why wait?

Pure-bloods living in simple homes leads to wealthy lives w/ a healthy respect for our Freedom, Body, & Earth. Wubbers Unite!

From Being a single grain of sand to become a stunning piece of stained glass, a lifeskill nearly lost.

Curly Pine or Burly Pine, neither species but an extremely Rare cut of Tree Flesh. See Why so Desired?

Are you digging into life fully? Savoring the ways you can act to create a better world for all?

What would a MoonMaker look like? Some do not think such things possible,

What is your life worth per day? Do you value life's hours or waste them away?

Proof of Vax-injuries easy to find but are prosecution for crimes-against-humanity tribunals next?

Before creating more veterans of war, lets take care of those who survived past wars. Help needed! Govt. does not care!

Giant trees will never be replaced so to Honor & Respect 1,500 yr olds: Wii create"Gypsy Too".

What does human energy, imagination, pure salvage, & willpower create? A "Pet Hog Sanctuary" for memories sake.

Where does your magic carpet ride of life take you? Are you becoming super human too?

America needs Baby House Builders to form intentional communities.

Life attained? 6 decades to wire a bodysuit & brain, a bio-electric computer seeded w/ Spirit. Why?

Who can see past the delusion to find a hole in reality where evil entities deserve Amnesty?

What to do w/ a Burly Heart Pine Board @ $70 sf: A-Door-able. Oil Massaging for eye Delights.

Some call it Trash, I prove it can be miraculous treasure! A True a-Door-able Opportunity.

Living the Earth friendly lifestyle: How to focus, a path to take? Here is a guide to sustainable living.

Explore possible alternatives to Living Big by Loving a Tinier Healthy Life better, beginning Inside... then out.

Do you create your future intentionally? Join me for a moment to consider what you see.

So White Masks klan can be more toxic than the flu? Yes, studies proving deadly issues, lives burned by dictates now being exposed.

To Shrink instead of Grow! Success comes from what you "let go" to downsize for a Tiny Home.

Join me for a moment in Tiny House Ecstasy. Is it the same for you as Mii? Mine is Free. Naturally.

Are you ready for the Worst Winter in Memory? Tiny Texas Houses 2 decade message… Prepared yet?

How much of your life hinges on submission to survive? Are you authority driven or spirit guided to live freely: to love life?

How to create a hOMe that could last a lifetime. Seeking simple, sustainable, off-matrix living in peace?

If your plan were free to act upon, would you? It is Here. Could you break away from the city, go tiny community?

Dream w plans, 3D changeable, Tiny Cowboy Cabin w/ 2 beds, bath, kitchen, porches... Maybe some home-free?

Time changes the way Wii see Tiny Texas Houses: my version of healthier living. Ample examples.

Can You Be "Mirac-U-LOve-US"?

Emitting Light as life can do, intentionally photons can be sent by you. Inhale a cloud to know its true? Light from video games now kill! It's true.

Turbulent times: storms of grand sorts, I predicted in January, but much more ahead!

Is a World Union of Beings possible? Do Wii decide as "One" alone amidst billions or as if Being a part of the "One" Wii could form together?

Who tells you how to run your life? Do you have Free Will? If not, why not? Can you Be Free?

Do you realize you are addicted to Memory Chips? Potato chips don't feed Potato Head needs for thinking it seems.

1995 internet was born, named Web & expensive. Discovery Incubator: Texas's giant CyberCafe was launched. Now humans w crippled memory addicted to Memory chips .

Welcome to the UN "Age of UN-lightening"! Lighter-weighted wallet$, $avings, value$ of $tocks & thing$.

Bots, not people are influencing societies around the world! 60% of internet traffic is fake people: AI.

Introducing Wibblry, a universal antonym not banned by anyone. IT can unzip & demonstrate...

From Rubbles, riches of Wibblry for free: greeting cards to spread WUB around our world w/ Mii.

A "Fun U-R All Home" in a nightmarish vision Darby has before the days of Soylent Green

Choosing to BE better or a victim: who decides your view of "U" in a World Union of Beings?

The Loopholer is a concept with a proof, tax loops for the creative minded.

Dragons Lair Cartoons & manifestations come from thin air, a dream as visions brought to life. To Be seen once real.

What happens when you get cold? NO Gas! No Food? Then War! Evacuate or die!

If a language, Wibblry, unzipped could bring us World Peace, would our Species finally know? Wii are! "Be A Part of the Cosmic Society"?

Original House Art by Tiny Texas Houses For Sale. BnB classics are going up for sale, to live in Salvage, or hit the Trails?

What can come from daydreams & night dreams? It all depends on How you do it.

The Willy Wonka of Tiny Houses has 2.6 mil views of child friendly Documentary! Predictions made then came true! 7 yrs later: What to do?

What does One say after 2 mil words? How does One say it next? How many Salvage bibles will the One create?

As Vaxing proves Life Taxing, who donates today? Booster Roosters crow but ADS comes to Light.

Our World needs more "Lerts". Please be a Lert: Light up the Way to stay Youthful & Prepared!

BE a "Lert" not "Head in Dirt". Share paths w empowerment & dangers imminent. Awake Lerts!

I died last night, but came back again. They said I did not finish. They sent me back to win w/ words as Wub Unites all men.

How do Wii choose to age and grow?Is there a way to really know the secrets of a youthful life?

What Can I give you to help you make your dreams come True? If you had the parts, what would you do? Inspired?

How can your imagination change the world, make it better for life to Thrive? Can you Dig it?

Adam's Birthday came and went, so with it went my dreams. Where do Wii go from here?

Find paradise, or make it from scratch? Is there a perfect property to start your Retreat or community on?

Why think Salvage Built houses are trashy? Tiny Texas Houses proved 95% Salvage Built is beautiful too!

Time Blindness... Merciful yet dangerous! Days pass like hours, years as months, lives as chapters.

What will Wii bring to the Table of Stakeholders that is more valuable than all the money on Earth? WUB.

Shut Up said voices w ears that wanted to hear no more words. Stop writing what others will never read.

If you had the keys to open doors in the future, but no one thought a child of God or anyone could help when the tough times come?

When Wii Reset who deserves our Trust? Honest people leading our countries? Where is the Light of Truth?

Imagine Shifting a million bd ft of wood, 1,000s of doors, miles of hand-blown glass & miles of trim, going to where?

A life spent riding a faithful steed you raised from foal... to put it down in the hardest of ways, on the run? Age slows us down. Steeds Die!

Windows, doors, floors, & more, see as they go off to create more houses all around the world. You ready too?

Going Out of Business Sale! There will never be a better sale for building materials than this! Fast, amazing wood, parts, & prices. Going Out of Business Sale!

Earth grows, deserts wander, rivers dry... why? Cycles, if controlled by man: bi-cycles w Bidon steering & stable?

Rain, 25" in Texas in a few days=floods after drought! Where from? Where to? Why do waters move in cycles?

Drought to floods, Texas prepares for Wipeout Waters. China, France, European rivers dry! Why?

Stunning evidence of how they Ghost sites on the internet yet no one believe it happens & More Reveal! is the next generation of for babies in the tubes.

Meet Miss Lilly! Once upon I time Wii created songs w/ shows to inspire others to hunt & build w/ salvage long ago.

Dragon's Lair Canyon seems small in comparison, both full of imagination & liquid crystal heal Mii.

When Darby was but 9 yrs old, he grabbed a moving train that took him off his feet to jog his little brain.

A Flare for you? Why not 2-3? More? Thank you? Leads to a Sunny Disposition when its kisses touch the Earth.

See the moon Wax & Wane each night? Earth's axis shifted! Sun shine changed! Winds blow backwards: not the same. Do You SEE with the mind too?

If Wii were to create the villages some say it takes to raise great children... what will that entail?

So what does a house package look like some ask? Could I build a whole village? Depends on drafts of dreams.

The Human Conundrum. Save them, a part of them, or just clear the decks? What happens next?

Last Chance to get on the Train to Tiny w/ discount ticket to Dreams Come True for You and babies coming soon.

The Lakota Wise woman came from afar to see if it could be, the Quantum story seeds were brought. (3 Songs of Salvage)

Oh where, oh where do I put my House? My Tiny House of my dreams? Will the mountains do? or a seaside view? Oh, where, oh where will it be?

Who gets to pick first for the best? Who might get the rest? What does a Dream House Package cost in pieces?

If catastrophism is Truth, timeline known, why don't more people know it? Preparation no big thing? WUB is!

In the Fantasy of What could be... a letter to a friend. Be the Whistle Blowers to be Heroes in the End.

Simple words for complex issues, how does one tell a tale? If no one reads, why write? How will the world learn?

I realize few readers could keep up, I understand. Few read so fast, 5 million words: 2 yrs. So sad what I have learned.

If you could see it, would you Believe its Real? Real is matter of your perspicuity, not reality!

Some things that look so pretty hide the most imperfections. The Painted Lady or House of a Thousand Mistakes in disguise.

Don't Invest anywhere but in your home, community, a safe place to grow food & a future.

How many hou$e$ to create your dream community? Will Tiny work? $50,000 for whole tribe? Materials in bulk w/ Startup!

Windows to see v-free future thru? How many doors of opportunity? Can you Exit fast safely?

In the land of What If, Would you, Could you, should you leap w Faith if you Believe? Only a few do!

In 2013 I wrote this Epitaphepic for Tiny Texas Houses. Wii, all the I's in Mii, put her down in 2016. Start-Up ... Still alive!

To escape one world, someone has to hold it together when your gone. Dreams to be done?

What does energy in the air do to you? Some think the answer is nothing. Surprise!

Who would like to learn how to raze a Barn, turn it into houses, not just sit to spin a yarn.

Once I had the Crabs & Spread them across the USA. I was just a kid in 1977. Please forgive me.

Promises unkept, acceptable these days: lies then? NO one pays for lying but victims! Pelosi/Biden poster-children?

My Daddy killed off innocents in Vietnam. He did it for his faith. The cost should teach us why no Wars.

Life, dreams, goals, Love binds us, passions drive us... thru a poem.

Time for the next generations to join in the show. For Sale, Owner Financed to a Start-Up you may be part of.

Amazing cutting edge business building organic Tiny Houses, import-free, unlimited potential. For Sale.

If You can "Be" so bright you Light the Way, are you obligated to Serve?

Wow! Tiny Organic healthy homes finally being realized, sustainable communities from salvage.

From 2015, this was a great offer, but few thought their Tiny House Time would come.

Rare time in history for ingenuity to ignite, so launch your plan to change our world now!

Becoming a Light Being, a transformation of matter into energy, still life? Some would say not alive.

As a poor broken pup I wanted to be writer one day, to write a book, perhaps a play... 60 years later, delayed.

The Pure $alvage Living Treatise for those seeking to thrive in these times.

Bang! Boom! Kazam! You can not see it but it will impact you or those around you. Prepared for the roller coaster ride this week?

Will mothering be worthwhile? If your dream of career success does not come? What then? Please Reconsider Abortion?

Our economy & housing trends are shrinking faster since I created Tiny Texas Houses 15 yrs ago... Buyers beware!

Downsizing or dealing w/ estates that did not, minimalism is catching on. 15 yrs back few heard the call to sell big, build tiny.

Feel like a target in your own home? Outside prices are deadly! People too. Food, fuel, energy steals! Inflation Storms!

As the evening sun settles after the Freedom celebrations... Will Wii Keep our Freedoms Strong?

What is the Love-Seat Shower Seminar using Roofing tiles plan? Starts w Fantasy tour of Salvage, Tx.

Real Estate 1984 Redux! Boom! Thud!! They wish they'd Thunk! Instead, most Sunk.

Did I say it was hot out? Hot Dang this will test your faith & results.

Boom! Silent yet impactful on life and the world stage, the Schumann screams out to all life... Be Aware!

How cheap can we build a tiny house as an inexperienced couple? If we try, how much for a cheap parts package?

The drought will be affecting all, imagine not just water, money to people, survival for all, societal drought Danger..

Two biggest dangers of living in Tiny Houses, typically on wheels: EMF & Air Quality

The point of NO-Return. Watch it go by. Oblivious? Keep a gun nearby just in case.

Truth, Earth axis shifted, Moon rolls at night, Most people have no clue! You? Invisible Triggers!

Shower building seminar: Filled! Salvaged roofing, granite, & creative manifestation to wash the world away.

Mapping a path through a fantasy manifested as a food jungle: a dangerous space indeed, Beware of Salvage, Tx!

Remember the Boom-Bust cycle of 1982-1987 or is this coming interest rate rise impact news to you?

Once upon a time, a stash of treasure was mothballed for a future time of need. Where?

"The Shadow knows!" Did you get the message of the storms in 2022? Remember the darkness is part of the light.

Would you be amazed as my house flew by that one could imagine what few would spy?

Earth Sculpting is not a common art form on a global scale, but my results are impressive: Darby's Canyon

Get your Side Hustle going now to create your escape route through tough times ahead.

Pop goes the brain-corn! Get ready to see some people popping off when these indicators reach this level simultaneously.

Vesper Casa, a house of salvaged dreams, Homes killed but their best parts and pieces live again.

What have you to say if someone were to give you a chance to own this for $35,000, delivered and set up on piers?

Flying houses filled my dreams, one my hOMe fulfilled you see. A vision from "Manifestation Bay".

What can you do w/ a collection of salvaged architectural artifacts? Is it worth living in?

I would not have wanted the Younger version of me in my community. Would I want me older if I were young now?

Hail Damaged roof turns into showers that last a lifetime, most will adore, 125 yrs old. Salvaged Showers!

Are Intentional Communities for THOWs just giant tiny-trailer park Neighborhood Associations. Kings or peasants rule?

To Learn by doing, create from imagination, manifest dreams instead of "wishy words"... Act Now!

SpaceMagic Designs for self-cool sustainable houses that are naturally efficient to create exceptionally Coool results!

Thank you Africa, saved the USA from The World Health Organization, stopped their attempt to control our bodies, government, & homes!

"Exit & Build a Free Life"... A Mantra for our Age! The Exodus in hard times as mandates rule cities.

Can you Save a House of Worship? Then what? Create another tiny version to honor its past.

Healthy sustainable houses that are designed to last a lifetime, to grow old in happily, to be a hOMe for you.

What is a memory but a thought one reprocessed over and again? A picture with a story before and after, but to most, just a picture without time or place, a story without a trace or an end.

What is a memory but a thought one reprocesses over & again? A picture w/ a story before & after, but to most, just a picture, not a time or place, a story without a trace but this.

"If abortions could be retroactive, I would not exist..." my Mother's favorite joke this day, a laugh w/ friends?

Indicators Crazy People will snap Today!

My Maxfield Parrish tribute blown away, but will come back another day... over & again wii live on.

Once upon a time catalogs were the online buying revolution to brick and mortar stores. Houses, children, Bear Claw Trim like this were shipped to buyers by trains.

Here is a true Victorian Post from the past relevant to today... salvaging the best to create the future.

If you thought CV was bad, freshly seeded Hepatitis & H5N6 launched into society promise worse. Don't fear... get healthy.

Sculpting a story into Earth, our human energy into consciousness, takes time, water, & sunshine.

What happens when California Redwoods meet Texas Long Leaf Pine and Tiger Oak? Add Rum... & See!

Imagine having an interest in a paradise you create, a food jungle, an intentional dream to be lost in the changes of the post CV world.

A time to invest in a fantasy, land, parts, & a food Paradise manifesting? Limited to a few dreamers & artistic investors!

What if Neptune went into an Ice Age in a few years time? Would you, like scientists all dumbfounded wonder Why?

Are you feeling Cobalt Blue today? Waves of tiles flow over you in Salvage, Texas... For Sale too.

Not all wars or dangers are easy to see, invisible weapons are ignored, yet coded into homes. Some knowingly kill you silently, w little warning over time.

I could use about 800sf of the reclaimed beaded board. How much are you asking?

Is there a need for organic retreats? Communities for portable houses, cottages, & other such things?

24' long knot-free beaded Long Leaf Pine... rarer than hens teeth... 150 yrs old, like rubber bands.

Strands of muscle, strands of hair, both tell a tale of the past that is clear. Savor the days... decades of them well.

Divide yet not conquer but add a fresh perspective instead... a simple dialogue before bed.

For Sale: "Paradise not Lost"! Start out with an incredible clear spring fed creek, add amazing trees, privacy, & peacefulness soon follows.

Your perspective determines your fate! Are you a Victim by choice... or great? Who determines your date to go straight?

When I see people touting the miracle drugs, for body, brain, or more I have to wonder & want for proof & Truth, not just ads.

Walk upon the Earth w/ leather or barefoot, you will absorb Negatively charged ions through your feet, breathe Positive ions, thus let us Light Up!

Are Word-rides worth reading if you savor such things as spirit and intellect over wing-dings.

Wii are the fingers & toes, the voices of God that come calling for a World Union of Beings, WUB is Truth not War!

Dismantling Dreams, cannibalizing the parts to save the heart & brain of the envision-or.

Largest inventory of Hidden Architectural Antiques mothballed in the USA selling down stocks.

What do wii give to the kids of tomorrow that will drive them to achieve great things in their lives... not settle for mediocrity?

Live cuts, Raw Footage, True SpaceMagic before your eyes to feed you, lift you up to dream of less, yet more!

Arched views on what to choose for your approach to build a healthy house of the future.

Grapefruit sized hail predictions for Texas. Salvage, Texas is start of gigantic wave. Oops!

$1,000 up! $100,000 a ton for nickel to make batteries! No electric car in near future. $top!

$100,000 per ton for Nickel, up from $1,000 in a few weeks. How is your dollar holding up? Electric cars require Nickel.

Can you see a Tiny House front on the driveway? Watch it manifest using Organic SpaceMagic Design.

Time to get out of Dodge? To where? If you had a tiny space before the mayhem? Does Ready mean able to get away from battlefields like Houston, Chicago, NY?

Imagine a Mini-Retreat almost like the original, in a package you could take away and build where you want it.

Our minds manufacture reality but few realize how. Be careful what you wish for... be sure before you pay a life for a big House instead of a tiny home.

Salvaging your Body, your Life can be amazing @67! Regenerate youthfulness, get smarter, naturally!

Did your warning get ignored? Are you surprised by the winter, the wars, or the rising prices for food?

Still doubt the intensity of the winter? Thinking the prices will drop down for fuel, food, your cost of living?

Why would one create such boxes of Trash to live in I was asked? Who would ever live there?

What do you build 1st, a place or house? If you could build a home to hold your heart>>>

Could I get the bio-metrics for Global Corporations Please? If not them... why me?

The best years of my WUB life began at 62. With Wublock found Wii are now bound to share our wealth with You.

Simple & Fast, Global Spring soon past, Transparent Tribunals could happen at last!

From Ft. Salvage, atop the Northern walls, see the bridge where Freedom Trucks will pass & supporters will gather.

Creatively Coloring & installing your tiny century old metal tile roof... rare Salvage Building Ideas.

What does a Truckload full of Dreams Look Like?

Cancel, cancel, the future is dead! No one to grow it, we kill it instead. Ideas for progress die in your heads or what?

Want to Make America Great Again? Here’s How. Now is the time! Will you leap for your dreams or cop-out?

It is time: Salvage, Tx. reminds us of how the Turtle Tribe can help make things right. Is our tiny homes, on your back to travel across black ribbons, truckers, RV living, Turtles?

If you could ship houses on trucks to Fuel Freedoms Convoy, would you pull the trigger to build your dreams together to help?

Suppose there was an Under-Online Railroad to ferry Opportunity & Freedom & Fuel the Fun...dsys?

Imagine Truckers taking Doors of Opportunity, With Windows to see what Love can Create: Homes of Freedom & Community.

Words, Meanings altered, are weapons used to tag Peaceful protestors as terroristic threats or disposable humans= homeless worthless people.

Amazing Opportunities thru Loopholology, yet few have perspicuity & thus will never see.

Amazing Opportunities thru Loopholology, yet few have perspicuity & thus will never see.

Truly the Canadian Govt. is evil, killing pets to punish people, taking kids, worse over peaceful protests for Freedom. EVIL Incarnate disguised as human: Trudeau!

BodyBags full of water, clay, bugs, forming "Your Vessel" alive thanks to your Filament, the "Light Within".

Revamping Tiny Texas Houses goals for 2022, w/ Salvage, Texas the embassy of solutions to grow.

When do Wii clear out the Bloodweed to plant generation of leaders for the people, sprouts?

Bored, without a goal in life? Dedicating your life to a cause or wasting time? An epidemic of pointless unhappy lives grows.

Human metamorphosis of modern man means Sheople & people are divided by logic, emotions, & propaganda. Some will never form a cocoon to emerge or fly. Why?

Human metamorphosis in the end times of modern man means Sheople & people are divided by logic, emotions, & propaganda. Some will never form a cocoon to emerge or fly. Why?

Start a floor, then walls, roof, windows, doors... is a tiny house for you? Where to put it? Healthy or Toxic choices.

Few understand a World War goes on, a battle for the minds of men is HOT! Suicide is killing more than Fentanyl! Do you have a deep woods Matrix getaway or Just watching?

Few understand a World War goes on, a battle for the minds of men is HOT! Suicide is killing more than Fentanyl! Do you have a deep woods Matrix getaway or Just watching?

Big Bird Houses for people to perch in while war goes on, the battle for the minds of men, use this as deep woods Matrix getaway. Escape is possible.

Tsunamis IN the Gulf of Mexico? Why not? Historical proof ample... seen our 4.4 Gulf Earthquakes Today?

Watch the Beginning of the End start today! Stocks, domestic terrorism, governments attacking, crazy weather, blackouts... Are you Ready? 2022 is here!

We officially exposed ourselves on Galileo, now seen on TV in far away places, in languages few Americans speak.

Word of Organic Cottage Material Pacs got out, but price of wood went up over 50% since offer. We raised our price. Big box stores lead the way up.

I Told You! Did you share to warn others? Why Not?

Wow Gifts & treasures to paid subscribers of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Once I gave away this Tiny Texas House,Free Plans view, for a 350 word essay contest prize. A $50 entry fee... 315 entered!

Here is a teeny tiny version of a materials package for 2022! From knowing nothing to knowing what to do.

Here is a teeny tiny version of a materials package for 2022! From knowing nothing to knowing what to do.

What keeps people from building Incredible Organic Cottages with Salvage? Ignorance!

Barter harder to succeed instead of finding cash to seed your dreams so they can grow like weeds.

Winter's that transform summers, extremes like 1815 rule the year. For those prepared, our view is clear: Run from the RESET!

Why Use Stained Glass to light your interiors of your master suite, den... everywhere?

Train your Placebo Power to defeat sickness. Why ignore Superpowers science admits exists?

Train your Placebo Power to defeat sickness. Why ignore your Superpowers exist?

Once upon a time I created my Gypsy Cottage full of my favorite stained glass, strange trim, fantasy...

How big is your wave of enlightenment? How much hOMe? Are such spaces worth dying for?

First! Your body, a castle, a vessel, sacred form, Salvage Body, Mind, & Spirit then hOMe. Fire Ur Doctor?

The best times are ahead... for some. Others entrenched in snow, ice, fear, & jabs... not so much.

2022 opens up a Stormy year of incredible changes for everyone... even you! Prepared yet?

Can you translate that into $aved Dollar$ Please? Otherwi$e it does not make $ense to people.

How to build organic Tiny Cottages Seminar & certification class w/ each Vintage Material Package.

Synchronicity... means nothing to the oblivious. Perspicuity is what gives it meaning, a sense of immediacy, w/ action.

Plans, organic sustainable materials, a seminar to learn the basics to assemble a tiny organic cottage... then what?

Organic Cottage Seminars w/ Parts & Pieces, custom designs for sustainable food jungles?

Life skills are becoming popular, maybe necessary, but few have many it seems. You?

Welcome to Opportunity beyond your wildest dreams... for some it seems. How so?

Now for the Benefits of joining the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance...

2022 opens up a Stormy year of incredible changes for everyone... even you! Prepared yet?