Sitemap - 2023 - Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Is being hung for treason a violent act? No! It is fair punishment: Not a crime John is wrongfully accused of committing.

Vaxed shedders who are a proven spike contagion & carriers of a public health threat, please mask your mouth.

Who dares poll their friends to learn how many died from complications, turbo-cancers, & untimely heart attacks?

Staring in the rear view mirror destroys views. Use foresight to grow dreams, create reality, not lurals from the past.

Each night, "You" grow from who you were yesterday to become what you will Be Today!

Only two predictions unfulfilled for 2023. Blackouts & fuel price rise still left.

Inertia of change on Earth will transmute US into a State of Surreality in 2024.

Electric Vehicle Charging stations could become true rest stops extraordinaire, if created with care.

A chance to escape & gift a dreamy stay in a man made paradise called Salvage, Texas.

A special chance to gift a fantasy & help create a documentary on overcoming an inoperable Brain Tumor.

Understanding the definitions that go w/ tags that define how people act or think made easy.

When you wan to speak out and can, by promoting a song. Want to say this too?

How about waking up to Reality sans training wheels? Could you survive homesteading & Tiny Living?

Do the beauty of "Doors to Opportunity" foretell where they lead or just designed to seduce us?

Superheroes pull curtain back. Truths Exposed Conspiracies are transformed by Whistleblowers.

How deep is a stairwell drawer? Depends on the style of Tiny Texas House you find such secret spaces.

What does it take to create a Teeny Tiny Texas style house? Vintage House Parts & Your action. These are Not RVs!

Old Windows become living Light Greenhouses sustainably. Saves 1,200 calories of heat per sq. in. using salvaged glass.

How well can you utilize the space to reach your dreams, perhaps a shower of rare form?

Wii, the "I"s of the world are making transparency globally possible. The pieces fit together for Tribunals.

Millions of elders face epidemic homelessness are choosing suicide instead. Elderly & veterans are giving up hope.

The Senate just endorsed more military service members dying in Syria. No approval by government to be there.

Panama Canal & Suez Canal jambing up tight as global transportation grinds to a halt. Who knew? WUB!

Who will Be the Examples of Action w/ Truth, Honor, & Faith leading us to create a better world?

What can you find in a cave under a giant Live Oak Tree? Stone age tools at a glance!

A "White Swan Tiny House" w/ special stairs to dreamland. Strange steps Wii created to climb into bed.

Tiny Houses linked w/ walkways in the trees create Swiss Family Robinson Style above the water.

Building hiding places for tiny spaces is a challenge few do as well as this.

The sickening Tiny House on Wheels industry grows in spite of the dangers of living in them.

Your mitochondria are sensing & transforming the Sun into your Earthly incarnation, if you ground daily.

What happens after the banks stop letting you take out cash? 2024 bank closure epidemic looms.

Who helps you get through the battles not perishing but becoming stronger each time?

Why create a healthy tiny house w/ Real wood, sustainably built, energy efficient, & that lasts a lifetime? Cheap alternatives are deadly.

Detach, detox, & minimize stress while you have time to change course & be Youthful once more.

Is there time to escape the Matrix? Is there a safe & hidden place where you could go? Lead on!

When rose-colored glasses aren't enough add Rose-windows? Why not add visual spice to your bedroom or home?

Perfunctionism bests perfectionism in my world of Tiny Texas Houses and Salvage, Tx.

After 50 years of writing about Wubbling: communicating through touch, science is proving Wibblry True.

Do you Lie to yourself daily? Do you live your Truths or Lies? Till When?

Thriving in perilous times Requires Faith, Truth, & Honor! "Real Leaders" not "Corp.s" Personas, must Lead!!

Stairways to heaven, a dreamland Wii create when wii climb into our bed at night to fabricate tomorrow.

I want to live long, fast, youthful w/ love & die without delay. Now people live & age too fast, youth short, die long, slow, painful deaths.

Times change, as do the means to censor or discredit the resistance to "Mass-ter-plans" for society. Who is Master?

Gifted people who stand apart from common minds are treated as outcasts, often attacked as too creative & different.

Projects in my head, wood on the trailer w/ a plan if it does not sell instead.

Slices of a lifetime that lasts 1,500 years. Why do people throw away flesh some call wood from ancient beings?

Once upon a time, 10 yrs back seems like a lifetime ago, Kirsten filmed Willy Wonka in Salvage, Texas.

What happens to change our views overnight? Learn you have brain cancer? Priorities alter instantly!

Building comm-unity areas out of salvage is fun when you create freely. See how to manifest.

Creating a Salvage Inspired Unity Center above Dragons Lairs healing waters is a thrill. Imagination manifested.

Hypocrisy in low income housing created by rich people... for what is pocket change to them.

Will your world be I-m-pact-ed by the decisions of so few who do not represent your beliefs? Dictates Follow Emergencies!

Who are ascended enlightened leaders that are supposed to step up in these dark times?

Legalized Censorship as War's stage expands. Tie US up & Tax-a-nation to who's Salvation? Why?

Soon the price of war will force the world to recognize what evil looks like when pretending to be God.

What do you trade your morning view for? Is a simple life to far to view for You but in dreams?

The World goes to war while people still wonder: Why create Art Houses to thrive in life? Everyone should have a dream.

What is a $1,500 Door Plate lesson? Would you teach a lesson in values this way?

Help break the bonds of Ignorance leading to death. Educate yourself & those you love.

What do you seek in life? Does a home= happiness? Are Blackrock & Blackstone happy owning most houses now?

Revelations, premonitions, & horoscopic views predict the year ahead will transform the world.

Unstoppable, determined, unphased by failures, success bound w/ Faith, Honor, & Truth for guides.

Creating w/ Salvage & SpaceMagic Designs: Organic, sustainable, import free, & by Mii.

A big problem in delivering new posts to subscribers. It is not reaching them. Why?

When energy flows over our planet to cause changes in people, plants, weather, & Societies: for better or worse?

A Fantasy destiny? I-magi-a-nation! "Man-I-Fested" into memories to last lifetimes & More.

Rock maps & runes, caveman cartoons, or art w/ intentions of leaving a story to read 1,000s of years later. Why?

Wii came to create a future wii dream of as our purpose that compelled us to live, to volunteer to Be.

What is your measure of success in life? Wealth is health, then money can be enjoyed, life savored.

Never stop learning. Working to earn what you have for gifts, if used right, for creating solutions for life.

Examples of Cults that create global fear and crimes against humanity through miscalculations.

Gingered Swan is especially well equipped for guest from above, but wii do have bigger houses near the heliport too.

If a cave does not have tax on it like a house, saving you $5,000 a year, would you live in a fancy cave?

Would you sleep under Rock? A chance to help create a chance to see what it would be like... and how?

Loopholology: study freq. thwarts to corporate codes. Build w/salvage, & healthy. Defend-Not Pretend till it Ends!

Which eyes that study you impact you too? Does someone watching you determine what you do? Who?

Great health due to proper breathing, diet, & exercise determine your aging speed, youthfulness, & happiness.

Where do I live? Is it a mansion, or a hut, a place to love or filled with smut? What is Home? Where is the heart?

Once upon a time a girl could arm wrestle a guy & win, or lose w/no social unrest. Darby proved Guys Rule!

What dreams have you manifested, created or still can? After 60 it gets easier if you believe & Youth again.

Declarations of Emergency begin as mass migration shreds cultural norms, laws, & resources!

Once iconic voices, resistors are struck down, who replaces heroes if evil-doers remove path to stardom? Stopping dialogue?

Whistleblowers are Being Attacked in Blatant Desperation to stop Truth from exposing Elite.

Death can lead to life anew for those who survive, Super "I"s will thrive. How do you see yourself?

Why-I-Spy-hERe-So I can become a Whistleblower. Heroes! Not Foes! Protect Truth!

Social & Immune systems are being tested by Sun, Earth, w/ humans adding poisons to stupify & Blind all "I"s!

Pure Salvage Outposts are Co-ops for creating homes locally; a future free of imports & toxins.

Tragedy & Trauma are Awakeners for seeds. Awareness of Mortality & Spiritual "I"s to See.

Oh Where, Oh Where, does a "Natural Boy" go? On what platform should he Be? Is it time for Mii?

One-minute serenade to subscribers. Anyone know of a great place to grow stories better?

Less Sex= less readers. What does that indicate? What do Wii write to Light the best path ahead?

What will drive you when in your late 60s to be youthful, the best you for your peak at 66-78?

Darby offers Wii Gong & proof you'll understand, still young a 68, Light Body Benefits.

When RFK won the Presidency, the public all went wild w/ the knowledge that transparency would come.

How many words does it take to tell of a tiny set of 21 words that will close the gates of Hell?

The joys and rewards for attempting to help others is immeasurable, no tool could encompass them.

What to do w/ uneducated opinions? I am often confronted w/ a challenge. Is ignorance bliss? Must be for Mii.

What is the price for the wood to build? Seems like a simple question that could get a simple answer. NOT TRUE!

Great people w/ achievable dreams, act now or regret lost opportunity for lack of perspicuity later.

"Heaven On the Brazos" w/ a view but: it took a miraculous delivery that Nearly Killed Mii!!!

A day of rest, a day for prayer, a way to test your will to care. What comes next? The Hearts of Trees.

My only story worth a "Reading," as many asked Mii to do, whistleblowing, songs & stories short so you enjoy.

Tears pouring like waterfalls, Siddhartha adventure long practiced, endured, inspired...

What form would 500,000 words in a row take? If you read them, would you comment or show thanks if liked?

So the story ends for now. I can not afford to write anymore. Time to go to work instead, to tend the store.

Luckily, Darby died alone when the cave-in happened. Thank you, God, no one was hurt.

Sugar Coatings on Horse Pills of Reality, not red but read instead, hated by some, loved by others.

Private message: "Thank you for the work you do and how you make me think. Not many writers inspire you to reflect on yourself these days."

"Time Slips" are more common as I age into my best writing years yet blindness grows, grasping is harder: to hold.

So, When did you go from Selling Reclaimed Lumber, Doors Windows, Etc., to writing soft porn?

The frequency weaponry was unleashed by 2024, no longer secreted by nations, used for weather, volcano, & EQs.

"I Went to a Garden Party" 'but it's all right now... Can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself?"

Darby was a "Nature's Boy" as Nat King Cole would sing away to say... "To Love and Be Loved in Return."

"Excuse me Mam, you must have a swimsuit on to go on the beach." Marcy lifted her belly, bikini was there. "Sorry Mam"

"What is an Air Space Certificate?" Some asked, never having heard of such a concept. "Tell us more."

BnB a la UFO. Darby takes a post as Ambassador of WUB, Earth Chapter. Can he negotiate w/ Touch?

Darby's Special Powers, Ecstacy of touch! Wubbling perfected by the "Shaman of WUB." Ambassador for Earth.

OMG, pornography? No pictures, graphs, just words that say how thee can touch another in True-Unity: See a 3rd flame BE!

Words of Love & Wubbling spoken softly, even a small song sung by Darby for someone... to hear.

Can Darby Whistle, blow cartoons at buffoonery of a matrix with Wubbling, Webbling, & Wibblizing too?

A-Musing Chatters, Notes on a rope, for in the shower, for those w/ hope of getting stronger, a longer hose?

Time was changing to fast for Sheople to see future weather, fires, or turmoil, nor their causes.

Commoners are not Seeing the Light Brigade is here. They fear the fate TV celebrates, wants puppets to be clear.

Time traveling romance novels in a parallel world or Mandella Effect: Hologram Overlaps

"Bombs Away" said the pilots in their comfy chairs, monitors reflecting the crowds below. They laughed callously.

Learning Cunni-form Linguistics required tests to be sure Darby could Wubble, not just talk w/ his tongue.

Proof of Concept Complete! Sex stories Win as romance Sci-fi takes off like rocket, SpaceX style.

Once touching or sharing fluids, even kisses could spread the plague unleashed by mankind. How touch killed.

Looking out at the world from the Outposts, pandemics were creating ghost towns from vaccination campaigns.

While trying to deprogram a Hari Cult member, Darby remembered the Scientologist who captured him once.

Which Bullseye? Is the center of a target where you focus? If given two, which One catches your eye"

Please be a Muse for Mii to use to then explain the reasons for the incredible change in paths.

How did they get entangled, caught up in a Web so wide it spanned a world? UnZipped: No Way to Stop or Fail!

As he took head-shots he spoke softly: "Just look sexy" Darby's photographer said. At 29, he did his best.

Darby wrapped his arms around the demon, hugging tight as it bit his neck, clawed his back.

Substack unsubscribe-button must be broke! Clear, Evident, so... email Darby@: see bottom instead.

Is this what it will take? You still think the world is solid? Do you affect reality, or see it?

What happened to the Tiny Houses Newsletter? What changed? 10x reads on articles about Wibblry & WUB.

Darby had spread "The Crabs" to NYC. Gary giving tour of "Seedy Avenues" stepped into "Service Alley".

The paid subscription benefits just got better. Parts of a story childlike minds should not read. Breaches past freeby policy!

As Darby took a hit, Jeb waited to hear. "She sucked your dick?" As a teacher, his excitement in the woods...

Due to Adult words, sequenced to create images, mental videos that might cause excitement...

Before their Birthing, Darby, Jesus, & others in the Light Brigade gathered for final advice, said fair well.

When world turns Surreal & You feel confused, it's Time to Recreate our Surreality, sexuality too?

Darby did not like the Army's order: "Bend over & Grab your ankles." She gave order knowing he must comply.

A ride high into "Biker Heaven," stripped to bare truths in the night, a bloody morning getaway follows, not love: great thrills.

Short note. When you get the draft with many typos, always, they are corrected on site after email for some reason.

"I lost Darby!" His wife was running, screaming as he pulled his Audi into the drive? He heard as he opened his door.

Whistle a tune, pictures to learn, thoughts spoken intentionally, captions help to see...

Mexican Funeral Home parking lot empty at 12:00 AM, $250,000 cash. Darby was afraid deliver to back door.

As he looked forward again, semi-bumper was just making contact w his headlamp on the BSA. He braked, veered sideways

Addiction! How? Sweating profusely, in Customs Line, 2 GIs away, No way out of line?

He had averaged 75 mph, 12 hrs=900 miles, from Gonzales, Tx. to St. Louis, Darby was in High-Speed Heaven.

The 5th time Darby woke up before crashing into a field he was at 700 ft , he pulled back as he awoke to climb back to 5,000 ft.

"She slit her wrists", his voice crackling, "took a bottle of Ibuprofen to x last kidney, then threw herself into the pool."

At 75 mph, the highest point on Galveston sky bridge, side mirrors on cars inches away from his fairing, he was winning the race.

At 90 mph, Darby's boss was holding his waist like a scared girl, weaving in between cars, he thought he would die.

That could have been me! Dallas Lawyer Burned alive in his wheel chair w/ gasoline, Darby's ex-partner was key suspect.

As she waltzed in the door, flamboyantly red, feathers in her fabulous hat high above, men ran to her side.

A very short, absolutely sincere, Thank You to my readers, followers that have given mii gratitude.

The Essay Contest & future of TTH canceled, dreams dissolve into memory & Darby liquifies his past deeds.

Darby Real-Izes Cybersickness will Save many from a deadly Cyber-trap. Tetris & Meta Heads will Be Dangerous to Society.

Almost there: she spotted he had "The Crabs" Darby was doing OJ Simpson Run for Airplane, circa 1977: a lone female guard stopped him at gate.

Does AI read like a human Being sincere? Flaws to see. Will you know if its Mii? This is not to see.

Brad is shaving for interview w The Missing Link about Darby, Wibblry, & WUB. Publicly!

Special Invitation to join us for a talk. Philosophical, fantastic, real-"I"-zations.

98 yr. old Woman dies for US! I preach of the Freedom to Be, to communicate, to respect our elders!

A BANG! Desperate, lifting hood, his giant orange Schooly stopped, half way down mountain, oiled poured out.

Darby looked around. Everyone was gone! Windows, doors, ripped out, concrete walls 2 foot thick, all else missing.

As he opened his eyes the pain burned, he was blind, scared, as he peeled the dried contacts off his eyeballs.

Darby stood, holding back tears, at Attention w/ 200 fellow Trainees facing him. Sergeants, officers, watched Col. Black strip his rank.

In 2013, before disappearing Darby wrote the "Epitaph for his Tiny Texas Houses"

Exiting his chrysalis, having morphed to youth once more, Darby set upon his life-long Chore.

"Darby Goes into the Army" part 2

Darby joins US Army, like Dad back twice from Vietnam. Poor kid way to College= VA Benefits during War.

Darby, selling Christmas cards for 5th grade class, told he could earn money. He wanted to send Dad's present to Vietnam.

Once you've been Ghosted, Censored, or the poster child before most knew what such terms would mean today.

Massive War-Chest to finance upstarts in Salvage Building Ethos to fill demand for organic houses? 0% financing!

"Silencing": Cancel, Cancel. No way to reach the public. Censors double-down to quash Awareness.

Why would a Woman threaten to beat an innocent 6 year old in front of class? Darby freaked out!

Salvation thru Salvage Chapel is not the big prize! No Contest to compare... a Dare You Game.

Wibble, Webble, never quibble, the Truth will set you Free. Join Mii in the life in Heaven while on Earth Alive.

Lasers =Fire, screamed loud, in a crowd, evacuate or Die! Why? How does metal melt & burn?

Wondering how to learn a career choice from the heart? Salvaging lives, houses, creating Art Houses for Life?

You could Win a Salvage Chapel to take out on the road. To make so many people happy, some will write an ode.

When Do Wii Real-Ize Wii are part of a Plan? When you are called, inspired, & passionate.

Create Salvation thru Salvage Chapel? With what you ask? How about this to start?

"Forget Me Not Chapel" for memories sake: to help foresee a future worthy to make.

Is there really any Magic Pill? Perhaps the trick is that you think there is. You are a Pill!

Inspired by his question: Can You "Live" before Death? Few do, but they truly do if they can seed you to think, Awaken, then Cruise.

At 4 yrs old, face in a pool of blood, Darby had no idea why his mother was screaming as he awoke.

Do you plug your head into AC sockets at night? Do you think it charges up like a flashlight? SAVE your Head! Unplug Instead!

Much as I hate to say it, Please Unsubscribe. I can not write less as I go to press w drafts I kept so long.

What does "Being Touched" mean? Once it meant you were insane, outside the mental matrix of society.

As I Wibblize I see surprise. I craft the words, some wonder: Is it just a story? Did Darby Live for real?

Wubbling w/ teachers? What could you learn? Do you get extra credit? Awards that you earn?

Wubbling away virginity. To "Touch" a living Being, to "Feel" their energy, then integrate w/ their pure life force, no words.

Wubbling, communicating thru Touch, the essential aspect of Love. Without it, you suffer!

For Earthworms sake, Save Our Salvage! Bees agree, Wii, all the Beings of the world must Unite. It's not a fight!

What makes a "Wood Nymph" by Tiny Texas Houses special? My thought becomes House Art Extraordinaire!

Will you love the dreams you found? Live contently ever on? Or find the world change, like your perspectives. Thus dreams crash & die.

Does Darby's Exploitation of his gifts condemn the message? Were they simply tools to get thru to You?

Letters forming words, spoken to take form as invisible toroids that reach around a world to Real-ize: materialize reality.

Reading: Is there a Book, a path, a way for us to maximize our power as humans? The age old question for secret societies.

Can Wii create Patriotic Om Songs to sound like tiny h"OM"es songs, prayers for Healthy Freedoms

Trustable trussed vintage beam floor! Tiny Texas House Score? 110+ Incredible picture set of see steps.

"Forget Me Not Chapel" = "Through great sorrow comes great joy" Religiosity or Communing for Unity?

Tiny Texas Houses & Wibblry, based in Salvage, Tx., do not exist for money, but to spread an idea, ethos, Opportunity.

What will it mean when Wii all Flame-On, the Light Brigade gets the call. Will YOU Light UP Too Be One?

It's Time for a Phenomenal "Thank You!" I owe this to many who read, share, & make my Life-Dream Manifest.

Time for the Legions of Light Beings to Unite! Shine bright, & support transparency to See Right Ignite!

Becoming a Light Being, a transformation of matter into energy, still life? Some would say much more than just alive.

Amazing Booty for $2,000 salvaged from $2,000,000 house. 2 days or to Daze... U pick.

Imagine a Quickie in a "Diamond House Murphy Bed": an Adoorable Dream filled creation for you too

"Guardian Angel" in the house of prayer: "Vesper Casa" is a special tiny organic house w/ real Angel

Daydreaming & Nightdreaming, so near the same if you find the flow to go w/o ego, just Love.

Stairwells to Dreamlands in "Vesper Casa" & "Temple Tantra" from the Realms of SpaceMagic Design.

How many people earn $1,000 per hour doing manual labor for free? Picking up Trash pays later if...

"Discover "Rare Diamond House" a SpaceMagic Gem, Enchanting Murphy Bed, "Adoorable Bathroom Walls!"

Watch As CASH "Get $exchanged" to be CBDC. Proper pronoun for fiat $ freakshows Wii watch next.

Voiced Poetry by Darby Lettick written of youth, seeking fantasy, love, & answers found over next 50 yrs.

"Wii: Illuminating the Path to Collective Solutions for a Brighter Future". Sunshine comes.

Where are the Free sources & what future comes when the Sheople are gone? Salvage Freely.

When Darby was 64 he decided to make an impression on the World: Darby's Canyon evolved, w spring fed water.

As world creates words to redefine people & pronouns, Why not incorporate WUB too?

Am I on a "Fools Errand" to want to see more "Writers Cottages" created by the kids of the future?

Houses of Worship, Spirits divine, what symbols are sacred, shared or just thine? Coker Chapel was Christian Based.

Ever been Nail Dancing or Wall Dancing before? Salvage Mining Seminar w extraordinary sights & fun

Once a Prize for an Essay contest, 350 words w $50 entry fee. Did you enter? Too late but great montage & plans.

The biggest Pure Salvage Built House by Tiny Texas Houses, ended sadly but looked great.

Lil Sister & Big Brother with music, set into a paradise of Longhorn Cattle, a Texas Ranch.

A secret ladder/stair to places where you dare to rest at night, out of sight? Yes, it's truly Free.

How long before wii lose our sexiness? Does our allure fade when aging past 60? 70? 80?

50 years ago a long haired man faced unemployment & ostracism equal to racism.

If fate exists, a life-plan that plays out regardless of our actions, free will can not co-exist.

An era of working elders, retirement savings lost or never found. What to do after 60 to get rich again?

How do you turn dreams of Tiny Houses floating in your head into reality? How does the Secret work?

Federal Reserve Digital Currency is now real. Soon Cash is trash, or taxed as it "getsexchanged."

Help Wanted by Society Elders: Jobs w/ leadership, local connections, lifeskills: unlimited rewards.

Why would anyone care about restoring old windows? Energy savings beyond Low-E Myths.

One man, pulling on a rope to make a house collapse intentionally by creating a rhythm.

What was made and lasts for lifetimes? American Vintage Hardware epitomizes sustainability beautifully.

The story of how “Rubbles Comes to Share WUB” ... Part 2

If learning the answer to "Why" he was alive could be found by dying, Darby was ready, able... then made his move.

Paradise takes many forms in hidden places few will ever see, but some will own. Where is yours?

The Discovery Incubator circa 1996. 1st cyber cafe in Texas opens doors to Internet; born as the "World Wide Web." Whoosh!

How did people trend toward sustainable simpler toxin-free housing? Deadly Alternatives become apparent.

Transhumanism was unheard of. Avatar a seldom spoken word, & computer memory cost $1,000,000 a gigabit.

A living antenna, wired into your brain, bio-computer linked to Fascia; trigger stem cells in our follicles & control your mind.

"Back again" said Tang. Awaking to a reality that changes daily, surreal for compliance w/ prophecy.

Reality has become surreal, a fantasy Wii, the "I"s experiencing the consequences of failure watch unfold.

Smoke seemed to fill the room, a haze of colored sorts he had never seen... blues & reds wisping about.

Long before a pill to transform how you might see or think, there were elixirs Red & Blue to escape the matrix too.

Sorry but the emails are not fully edited like they are on the main site. Please visit for free to see the story.

What can be hidden in a book or two from a couple centuries ago? Did history change to red or blue?

Remarkable life stories begin as dreams, nearly always include pain, hardship, & great challenges.

Treasures of Old Houses can take you back in time... or forward. What energies, memories, & Spirits await in abandoned houses?

Who knew Time travel was so simple? Pre-programed gaming. Ready "any Time".

False Teachings, Deception, leaders lies seem to dominate world agenda. Is there a chance for Truth to win?

Can you read a book by its cover, a person by their appearance? Many think they can, but don't.

So many think they get to choose the tiny house village if they just buy & cruise. Who wants you in a THOW? NO!

If you had the place to go, how would you pay for it? Sadly, few could, would, or should. Only the chosen.

If you could? Would you live tiny part time, escape to a cabin in the woods, safe to dream in peace? Should You!

Wii, the "I"s that make up the world of sentient Beings sharing Earth, are ready to Unite.

Time to be Reborn into a world Wii will create. Celebrate the Mother Of All Rocks give birth to Darby.

Independence is not just a word for a day, it is an ethos of Being self reliant, strong, willful... US?

What causes poetry to be the way to speak of what Wii see? Could it be so wii stay free to share Love all alike?

What lasts a chickens lifespan? It could save your life for free by salvaging the best of history.

Did I miss the door to opportunity? I became A-door-able trying but time to a-doorn others w their chance too.

Honor thy vessels of body & home. Both can age gracefully, salvaged to the bone, to become the incredible poem.

Bartering beats buying w/ cash; get 3x profits W/O paying taxes on stuff you want to sell.

What if you could just fly a tiny cottage into the woods where you could run to escape the city life?

Barter-Building Fabulous Tiny Organic Cottages Transform what was to dreams you want to Be.

How do wii stop breeding homelessness, helplessness, caring less every year?

Crippled generations struggle to survive. Did parents fail or is it our society? Bribe-on governance destroys USA.

Kids are refusing to grow up. 45% of parents are enabling their adult children's demise. Shameful state of society.

Paragraphic Poetry w/ houses made for you to see what can be created from a single tree.

Finally, many people are realizing the time has come to downsize, get fit, & plan for the changes ahead.

Dad, part of Mii once dear, once past, the definition is not so clear. I am still here but not that.

I wish you had a clue. Some do know this is incredible! Impact on humanity assured! You?

MC Escher inspired constructs that make reality a fantasy that is inviting to some. You?

What are 5 biggest reasons: Why tiny homesteads dreams fail to materialize?

Investing intentionally, intelligently, using Loopholology so as to keep what you earn legally.

Engaging AI to agree that sustainable housing is best done through the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ethos.

5 keys to quality longevity few think of but easy to implement. Is it woo-woo? Try it to know.

Test your heart with 40 pushups in a row. How far will heart go in 10 yrs. If I show You: Will it change you to know?

Build a house around a tub, a village around Tiny Artistic Houses, fun futures for Savers salvaging successfully.

A Cult of Truths: Unity thru Free-Communication cult-ures honoring Love & Respect.

5 deadliest Tiny House on Wheels dangers no one speaks of: financial, health, family, think twice.

What is Youthing? Inspired Living grounded & Free to Be all you dreamt to become when you were a child.

Customized 4U Week of Life Changing Tiny Living Seminars: July 2023. Learning to Be Healthy & Free.

Tiny Shady Spaces for Tiny Houses carved from nature w intent to create a food jungle wii can grow for Life.

Spaces in Salvage, Texas for "Tiny Houses Not on Wheels" only, w trees, water, nature all about. Very Limited Offer!

What is treasure is locked away, hidden in the past that can be harvested today? This is it! I say.

Who wanted 2nd Chance: Art Houses you can live in not just mount on a wall. 2 of Top 10 Tiny Houses created in the past? What if?

Pictures of House Art manifested, for sale, liveable for life. How does a man transform visions into living hOMes?

Vicky Zebu is Available & looking for LOVE. Need to adopt a child that you can live w for life? No complaints?

The House of the Rising Sun is Alive & "For Sale" if the right stewards can be found & ground she will fit on well.

Who comes to save the day? You Do! Not WHO do if I have any say in the plan. No Global Control!

The biggest issue w creating a healthy intentional community is finding honest people who all work to make it a success

"Heaven On the Brazos" w/ a view but: it took a miraculous delivery that Nearly Killed Mii!!!

Every Tiny House needs a 2nd Amendment stash spot no one else can find. Yes, for Guns & ammo.

Are there "Ghost stops" along the way beyond to say hell-no or Hello?

The "I"s in Mii. Our body is a river of water, silt, & critters flowing, called "Life" inside a skin, until "flow" stops.

50 years ago I played hooky at this beach for Senior Skip Day. What did I learn? What can I teach?

Oldsters 50 year HS Reunion tricks w/o fellow students.

Ready for the PT test at your 50th Reunion?

This is our time to celebrate from 66 to 78! If you did not fulfill your dreams while younger: a Male's Peak Years are clear.

1,500,000-2,000,000 calories of Energy makes window glass for 1 Tiny House. "0 for salvaged windows." Walk 10 mi=1,500 cal.

Can ChatGPT replace Mii at writing about sustainable building with salvage materials without good questions?

"The Line Shack" by Tiny Texas Houses designed to show how high you can go & land to know Wii are here. Potty Stops?

Wii came to be the "I"s that could see to guide others through the darkness of ignorance & fear!

What are You? Flesh, bone, blood, & guts alone? Do you create who you become? At 67, I Do!

Just like creating a water wonderland where none stood before, plants, life, fantasy made real.

Tax-Time Sale to help you not fail to get your rightful write-offs by 2024 using Loopholology.

Our world is full of mas-o-chists who think that means Mass-o-Christ, compelled to tolerate suffering while being crucified by society.

Fat Tired Gypsy Wagon Dragster: Before "Tantra Temple" was equipped to fly, I was going to drive around the world.

Which SpaceMagic Designed Tiny Texas House was this? Rare artistic functional fabrications @ Manifestation Bay, Salvage, Texas?

Stained Glass: melted sand transformed so as to capture the Sun's light, releasing powers & healing colors .

"Heaven on the Brazos" a Classy glass w/ Sun & sass for a house w/ a hidden Stair/Bar #1: Only Tiny Texas House w/ "Secrets Bar Won".

Feel like you have lived more than one lifetime? Overlapping cycles till Wii get it right? It's time to Unite!

My Kitty has my back as I look forward, writing & hoping that others awake as Wii retake the world. WUB will rule w Love.

Join me on Salvaging hOMe Notes

"Beaumont House" is the biggest Tiny Texas House ever made. Fitted out like a big house feels.

Wii, the "I"s who create changes to balance forces of consumption for profit, are Beings called to service.

Once a dream of grand proportions, now a pile of wood. What do you do with old dreams that will never come to be?

Banks are like these Beams? My thoughts. What not to salvage: What's rot? How long did it last? Now What?

Tiny Houses, villages, communities are responsible for their people. Do not poison pets, kids, or mii.

We got tagged for dandelions again! Inspectors with blinders committing the blunders of power.

Doors to Opportunity: What will yours look like?

Hooked on ideas for using the best of His-Story functionally, displayed to light our future & appreciate.

"Which came first, the dream or the drawings, the house or the man? It was the dream that never ends!" Darby Lettick

Is FaceBook capable of Fact Checking if it can not do simple addition, use logic, or see obvious flaws in statistical data?

Be Your Dreamweaver both day and night, for it takes both to get it right! Darby Lettick

Pig Chapel lulled from our Womb at Manifestation Bay. 1st Sunlight. See our Delight.

What if you could hide in the woods for a decade, watch social madness from a safe distance? Would you bail?

"Tantra", the home in the middle path, not riding the extreme highs & lows, but savoring the best views.

The "Homesteader" was started for a Tedx demo but got to big to take into Downtown Austin, Tx.

See the biggest of a set of 3? Create w/ windows & doors: SpaceMagic the Tiny Texas Houses Way?

Warning!: Life-Threatening Danger for Tiny House on Wheels HAIL-Married April/May 2023! RV, Motor/Mobile Homes included:

Have you ever seen an A-Door-able Ceiling before? I am thinking of the A-Door-able House next.

Video, web, book: production, edit creatives: Help-Wanted. Paid w/ parts to create tiny dream houses.

IF pictures hold 1,000 words, imagine the stories you preserve in the book of life these hold. Wordless Essays Possible?

I adore Big Vintage Doors of Opportunity... these are not free. What is? What could you do?

Tiny Texas Houses traveled 70 mph on Wheels that left the house behind for a lifetime: Freed.

"Lil Sister" is a classy act for being such a doll, full of all the things you need to call her home.

A Bride, Groom, & Chapel go to Breckenridge, Texas for weddings in a western paradise.

"No-Name Cabin" NOT "SpaceMagic Design" Example #1 Not a favorite born from TTH's Manifestation Bay.

Welcome to the Monty Grand Victorian June tour. Never lived in after 3 years, but ready.

The "Arched Brownie" has treasured "Eyes" for windows that look into artistic Past Worlds.

"Big Brother" is the larger of the kids I created for the ranch. His "Little Sister" sits beside him safe.

Meet "Miss Lilly". In a world of custom organic cottages created to display what could be done: each has a name.

Who sees "Vesper Casa"? A Gallery of sustainably natural organic cottage ideas as examples of what could be.

Do you have questions about going "Tiny" by downsizing your lifestyle, home, going Au-Natural instead of hi-tech?

"Vesper Casa" is House Art answering a prayer, w/ love, & memories. Fallen homes reformed into a tiny house.

Do add-ons/upgrades become trans-humanistic; permanent? Mii, "Eye-phone Implants! See Mine?

What you can do w/ vintage wood, architectural artifacts, hand-blown glass windows, doors, & trim? Create special Anythings!

The price of quality tiny houses Not-on wheels went up dramatically in 10 years. Why?

2 yr$ later: SHEDDING LIVES! We will not hire vaxed people! No Vaxed Need Apply: "Don't Shed on Me" Control groups Rebel!

Pure Salvage Outposts are Co-ops for creating homes locally; a future free of imports & toxins.

An open letter: Threads Wii weave to wear as our life-cloth, seen through our eyes, to become the Mii others see.

What stops people from Being Amazing? Dreams, choices, actions, & mindset remain unsynchronized: Ungrounded instead!

Wiz-Dumb or Wisdom: What's the difference?

Short attention spans makes for fewer fans. Some like it fast & Easy, others like it hard.

Texas, a Republic aligned w United States of America, stands for Freedom: A Lone Star's time to leave!

Prepared for Crisis few can anticipate due to distraction? Trump, mass killers, World War III? No FEAR! Epic storms arrive!

When your Voice for Freedom calls inside your Heart & Head, how do you answer? Listen to your gut 1st, then Do!

When your Voice for Freedom calls inside your Heart & Head, how do you answer? Listen to your gut 1st, then Do!

A Living Wildflowers tour w/ Naked Fish in a paradise created w/ imagination & human energy.

Hi, reflected from our Holey Waters of Dragons Lair.

Start-Up Business building Organic Tiny Cottages, All American Vintage & Classic

Your first home is your body, a Spirit expressed as human or a Being that lives & Loves. Honor & respect Life 1st!

Watch the bouncing ball called our economy, losing energy as it falls... Do you have a plan "B"?

The Pre-Rapture escape is for Quitters afraid of the wars of Good vs Evil in our world. Light up & Lead! Be Free!

If you found a treehouse, would you live in it for long? Fantasy living in nature comes of age.

What amazing parts to build a memorial, to create a tribute to honor: "Salvation thru Salvage Chapel" for Sustainable Living.

If tiny cottages were placed in a fantasy game w/ airships, caves, & ponds created as a Quantum Story: Planned 4 U. Would U Play?

Spring Break & nothing looks broken, if distracted you might say, "Why Worry, just Play!" Take a Bank Holiday!

Financial Losses R tax write-offs if you need them but if not! BAIL-IN Time? What is your way Out?

A run on the bank, many uninsured: Black Swan Lands! Physical assets vs deposits/debt= loans to banks Toast or Assets Win!

Inspiration comes to copy for Salvage, Texas version... may need some help. Interested?

Why do people use words like building blocks since they have no mass, weight, structure, or solidity?

Preview of a book that leads to creating salvage organic cottages & communities to thrive in after 2023.

Let us launch some Video solutions to breathe in, misty seeds of thought to cure & clear lungs!

Hemp once nearly put me in prison for 6 years, Why not an industry in Texas, God's weed loves sun, mean$ Power & cheap homes!

Did you know Luling, Tx has a tourist attraction that brings people from around the world to view, swim, play in it? Its being buried!

Will this be your March forward or will you be marched over by forces beyond your control?

Sometimes it takes losing what is most important to you to force you to change.

When is the right Time to think, to act, to Be who you dreamt you could become? Is that Now? Scary thoughts?

When Wii get the question how? To become a leader in the Pure Salvage Living field will be a career for the right people.

A Masked Bandit, Rocky Raccoon, broke into the Kidd, ravaged kitchenette, left mess, denies guilt.

What happens to people when War becomes the growth engine for prosperity? Killing for profits takes over a small town.

Watch a dream destroyed! Millions of lives lost, a vision of paradise tossed away for a parking lot. Sickening greed!

What do you do if you want to break out of the Matrix? Build a tiny house that will last you a lifetime?

Creating Sustainable Art Houses; Portable habitable buildings, to fit into local Loophololgy: Tax-Free Legally.

Some dreams, even once reached, meet a cold harsh death at the hands of pirates, profiteers without conscience.

How much of America's future can one president give away to Ukraine?

People see what they want, react before they realize to their surprise, they have been fooled.

Before being renamed the "Cowboy Cabin", it was the Koehler River House, an incarnation w/ a simpler look .

Morphing Salvaged pieces into homes for life by changing perspectives, exposing ignorance to Light.

A gift to New Zealand if w help wii can load and ship this to them for building new tiny dreams to unfold.

Teeny, Tiny, Small, or great for 2 for life, organic US parts, where do you start? Past mansions turned into House Art? Learn how?

If I get three houses fit into a box, a way to ship to where they need them at. Would U help send to New Zealand?

How do Wii create the means to celebrate & share solutions you could help do, 2 degrees from you? It's True?

How many tiny houses can you fit into a 40' long semi-truck trailer or container? 1-10 Dream Oms?

Where could containers full of what would pass for trash at the border go? 7 Targets Wii have: You ready to know?

Imagine if you could live 100 years, remembering your entire life lived, be given hindsight & foresight; could you focus on "Now?"

What do Wii do when wii write poetry, the story, the words to help others see but few do?

So just how special would the Monte Grand Victorian be for a house made out of 95% Salvaged things? Plans 4 You too?

If I offered you the plans to build the Writers Cottage, a package of wood to grow it with:

I might not just be shooting at snakes in the grass, wild hogs, or worst, a gangsters ass.

Advanced General Intelligence is pre-launching in 2023. Free Hook-ups, Upgrades: for Life?

Ideas are seeds, cartoons of life that seem to alter how a child believes, though not real. OR are they?

Victims of Distraction led to inaction leaving satisfaction out of reach, some simply preach.

I love to do what has never been done before, to create waves in the world. How do wii create change but by actions w attraction?

How does treasure transport around the world best? By sea I say, as Wii send parts away.

Next step as a steward of trash that can be treasure when assembled by creative minds. Ship around the world.

Rapid fire finger stimulation from my old brain, a refrain cast out through Webbling, around the world again.

Facing failures in life, choosing to quit, and decide where you go from that turning point.

How do Wii stop the wars ahead? Be freed from the Matrix that pays for the death by protesting w/ our taxes: refuse to pay for it instead!

Cold Evidence of what comes when people get desperate, go crazy w their guns. Winter will be dark in 2023. Stay Armed & Free!

Brick & mortar wonders, a tiny footprint standing tall. If I could fit a tiny wooden house at the top? Wow!

Giant house prices crashing down, buyers can't afford what's found. Why not build out smaller houses where demand is growing upward?

What will you do to create a house or two if suddenly you have to move and start a brand new life? Catastrophism grows.

When Wii transform our world thru creative manifestation that becomes a future for Mii too. "Now" exists 1 second then it's gone?

What would it take for you to break free from the shackles you create for yourself? What is freedom to you?

The 1st time is the hardest, but worth the extra effort to get ahead, not become a deadhead. Learn!

Localization, not globalization creates your opportunity to Thrive in USA. Import Free will Be #1 driver in 2023

Being Chained to an epidemic problem weighs down public v-axed. Heart attacks, overly sensitized, immune system compromised, fearful, & stressed.

Creative Carpentry Teams needed to fulfill demand for toxin-free tiny houses & cottages.

Bucky our Beaver's Ship turned "home" sits on Walden Pond, not alone. A Tiny Houseboat Story to see.

Truth, a strangely distorted word these days. Is it just a relative perspective, not based on facts now?

Once a dream house, transformed thru action created, materialized so others can see it too.

From up in the sky a camera snaps a guy where ships fly high? What salvageable dreams do you eye from the sky in 2023?

Great year begins. X-1.9 solar flare w/ 7.6 Earthquake to start the week 2.

Can you taste the words? "President McCarthy" Sounds like elephant footsteps in the "Room of Silence?" "What If?"

Want to help create ways to establish your Local Pure Salvage Outpost Co-ops for 2023?

A New Year here, the moon within our reach, are you prepared to Be your best in 2023.